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George Agathangelou

Founder/Board Member

Having studied Economics and Business Administration, George has a 10-year track record in financial services, is a certified portfolio manager, holder of CySEC professional competence certificate and has served most his career as an executive for Cyprus Investment Firms. George discovered Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in 2013, once the Cyprus banking crisis unfolded and started mining bitcoin at home using ASIC miners until 2015. Since then he has collaborated with crypto-exchanges, wallets, KYC/AML, CRM and various fintech solutions.

George is currently, a founding member of the Cyprus Blockchain Association, the President of Decentralized Chapter Nicosia, a market analyst, as well as a proprietary trader and investor.

George has been in the forefront of the adoption movement of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Cyprus, being extremely proactive in the organization of local meetups, lectures and presentations and bringing experts together to share a common knowledge pool.